I have been making weekly 8-minute radio segments for an MFA class I’m in called Contextual Practice, taught by Jon Rubin.

I decided to speak with the counterprotesters who attended Hillary Clinton’s rally at Heinz Field on November 4th, 2016, just five days out from the election. There were antiabortion activists standing by 6-foot signs with pictures of dismembered fetuses, there was a man with a megaphone wearing a homemade Catholic vestment of some sort, and there was a guy who was convinced of the impending danger of what he calls “artifically generated stampedes” at a large public event.

Quite the scene.

This segment was produced for broadcast on our class’s show, Songs You Know By Artists You Love, which airs every Monday night on WRCT Pittsburgh (88.3 on your FM dial) 7–8pm. (You can also stream live radio from their website if you’re outside of the broadcast range, though they don’t provide archives.)

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