I have been making weekly 8-minute radio segments for an MFA class I’m in called Contextual Practice, taught by Jon Rubin.

Last Sunday the whole class went down to tailgate at the Steelers game, a home game against the New York Giants. I wanted to explore the nature of antipathy directed at strangers based on their appearance, and so I walked around carrying a microphone, wearing a big purple Ravens shirt. (The Ravens, I was told, are a Steelers rival.)

Here is the radio segment I came up with. It is bleeped because it was produced for broadcast on our class’s show, Songs You Know By Artists You Love, which airs every Monday night on WRCT Pittsburgh (88.3 on your FM dial) 7–8pm. (You can also stream live radio from their website if you’re outside of the broadcast range, though they don’t provide archives.)

Get it while the getting’s good, since our last episode for the semester will be this coming Monday, December 12th.

Audio player should appear here:

If that’s not working or you prefer the mp3, here it is. Right click “Save Link As…” to download it, or just listen in the browser window.